By: Christine Wieand

For almost a decade boys of the Hill have been complaining about how relaxed the girls’ dress code is compared to their own.   Having to wear ties and button the top button are both requirements of the boys’ dress code, neither of which are found as requirements on the girls’ dress code.  These factors are the usual complaints of the male population at the Hill.   However, a very large percent of these boys have never worn a pair of pantyhose.  Even if they have I’m sure they don’t want to share why.  

As an experiment, Michael Kennedy and Whitney Gilmore agreed to spend the day in the shoes of the opposite sex, literally.   Michael spent the first three periods of the day, make note, ladies, he didn’t even make it to the dreaded chairs at lunch, worrying about his skirt length and also holes in his stocking.   “It took me about fifteen minutes to get the pantyhose on, and once they were on they didn’t even reach where they were supposed to,” Michael stated as he walked out of Foster in a white peasant skirt.   Meanwhile in Wendell, Whitney began her day with Christina Tedeschi tying her tie and buttoning her shirt all the way to the top.   The Dress code states that boys are required to wear dress pants with a belt, a dress shirt, tie, a blazer and enclosed dress shoes and socks.   I’m sure that most boys reading this article are missing one of the above.    While the blazer, dress pants with a belt, dress shirt and enclosed shoes with socks still hold true for the girls, the tie is replaced with pantyhose and girls are given the option of skirts.  

Staying in style, however, is a pressure found mostly on girls.   The most popular style of a Hill boy is whatever they grab after they wake up to the ten minute bell.   High heels, short skirts are all trends that put most girls on the verge of dress-code violation.

The time old Hill School question of who has the most painful dress code been answered.  When asked who has the short end of the stick with dress code Michael replied “Well, my khakis never gave me a rash, and two hours with pantyhose did.  I am going to go with the girls on this one.”

Male Dress Code Diagram    Female Dress Code Diagram


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