By: Sami Jones

It happened on that cold, icy day back in Febraury of 2000.  Chapel had just ended, and Jeff Neese began the trek back to his dormitory.  He was walking along minding his own business when he very casually slipped on a patch of ice and fell to the ground.  Walking directly behind him, Courtney Steltz noticed him lying on the ground, and she broke down hysterically laughing.  Completely embarrassed, Jeff stood up and ran off.  After that day, “we started IMing,” Mrs. Neese said after retelling the accident.  The rest is history.

Presently, Mr. and Mrs. Neese live in Wendell Dormitory on the second floor with their maltese Champ.  Meeting in their sixth form year, they have been together ever since.  They have been happily married for almost three months now.   “It really wasn’t that difficult,” Mrs. Neese explained when asked about their collegiate romance.  “We found a good balance between spending time with friends and spending time together.”

When they announced their engagement, they decided to tie the knot on July 16, 2005.  They traveled down to Disney World to the Grand Floridian, and exchanged their vows.  Along with the honeymoon in Anguilla, “amazing” was the only word Mrs. Neese found to describe the events.  “It was absolutely perfect.”

Although the happily married couple did not actually get together until a month or so after they graduated from The Hill, they are still considered the first Hill School couple to marry.  “It’s exciting,” the couple said.

They are thrilled to be back in the community; many of the lessons learned here as students are now carrying over into their lives today.  “I love living in the dorm,” Mrs. Neese said. “It’s great being around the girls all the time.  It gives me the chance to get to know girls who I might not otherwise meet.”

The Neeses are happy to be back, and although they are no longer going through Hill as students, they are starting a life of their own staying very much involved in the place that brought them together.


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