When I first came to school this year for preseason, I of course stopped by the grille.  To my amazement I saw the sweet new set-up which includes a nice long counter top with chairs, high tables, Green Mountain Coffee, and newly upholstered booths.   I said to myself, this is pretty nice, but how long will it take before it turns into what it used to be, a mess.

I interviewed Mr. Simpson to ask him a few questions about the new change.  “We decided to class it up a bit so that students will treat it with more respect,” said Mr. Simpson.  The Grille last year was a zoo, as some of you might have noticed.  This year, it has been treated far better, which is at least partly due to the new atmosphere.  “We were debating on having a teacher on duty to make sure things wouldn’t get out of hand because the Grille staff was not pleased with having to police the area,” stated Mr. Simpson.

The Grille staff proposed the new set-up as an idea to keep the area in better shape.  The plans for the new Grille were made at the end of last year, and completed this summer, funded by the Residential Life Office and the Woods Food Service.  Mr. Hopkins is always looking for student input on how to make the Student Center and the Grille a better place because of its central position on campus and in student’s lives at the Hill.  More luxuries may soon be added, including small TV’s featuring CNN as well as another counter top area in the far corner for some more seating.  Mr. Simpson is very pleased with both the Grille’s stylish appearance and the manner in which students have behaved and he hopes both will continue.

 Mr. Simpson In Grille


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