By Allie DiRico

The Hill School plays host to several traditions.  As many people known, one winter tradition at Hill is the student’s attendance at the ice hockey games played at the Edward T. Hall Rink, our infamous outdoor patch of ice situated between The Dell and the field house.  With the times changing, much like the weather, many are eagerly awaiting the plans for a new and improved ice hockey arena. 

$695,000 the “magic number” as Mr. Gundy coined it.  The dead line, October 7th 2005.  Thus far Hill has received $3,805,000 in pledges and gifts.  Once $695,000 more is reached the construction cost for the new ice hockey arena will have been achieved.  “We have until Trustee Weekend to make the other 695,” says Mr. Gundy, “because that is when the Trustees can approve or disapprove our progress.” 

So far Hill has $1.7 million of the $3,805,000 million, which does not include the $1 million endowment for the rink.  The endowment deadline is March 31st 2006, putting the projects opening at December 2006.  Mr. Gundy informed, “When you’re sitting in your seats in Gillison there are a set of windows straight across, right beyond those windows is where the new rink will be built.”

The new ice hockey rink will be right with the times, a standard 200 ft by 88 ft rink in size.  Mr. Miran stated, “If a player needed to see a trainer in the middle of the game, they could walk right to the locker rooms from the bench and the fans will actually be elevated to glass level so that they are looking down at the game.” 

But will the new rink change The Hill School traditions or will it only intensify them?  When asked the question 6th former and three year varsity ice hockey player Dan Cohen stated, “We need the new rink to get with the times.  The indoor rink will have its advantages but the outdoor rink has them too.  With the new rink we are comparable to other schools but the outdoor rink is our identity.”  6th former and two year varsity ice hockey player Mackenzie Fell stated, “Being a hockey player it would be nice to have an indoor rink for those cold days of so many socks!  I love the outdoor rink for its individuality; I also love playing on it because it reminds me of playing at home on the pond.”

The new rink will allow students access to the rink all year and will also keep fans and players more satisfied with weather conditions.  However, The Hill School’s indoor arena will never hold the traditions that the outdoor rink has developed.

Hill School students and Hill School ice hockey players will always remember those cold nights on the bleachers with hot chocolate in hand.

 David Dougherty Breaking Ground


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