Hurricane Katrina Relief
In the next few weeks we will be in a competition between us and Lawrenceville to see who can raise the most money by selling t-shirts.

Voting Proposal
Finished and passed by the Residence Council and Mr. Dougherty. The changes are as followed and hopefully we be put in this year.
1. There will be a first round of voting where the rising 6th form will vote for the five candidates they want to be on the SGA representing their form.
2. From there, the five candidates who make it past the first round will move onto a second round, where the whole school will vote for the president.

Co-ed Common Rooms Times
We are currently proposing a change that will allow co-ed common rooms to be open after study hall to check-in and also Sunday afternoons.

Academic Dress to Breakfast and Seated Meals
We are in the process of proposing a policy that will let students where casual dress to breakfast and a less, more relaxed dress to seated meals; possibly polo/collared shirts.

Technology Task Force
Kiki and I are sitting on a committee with three other students and other faculty members who are trying to re-write the Hill’s Acceptable Use Policy. Also we are trying to re-work having AIM during study hall and not having the internet after 12.


2 Responses to “SGA UPDATES”

  1. hillnews Says:

    I’m glad to see the SGA doing something for Hurricane Katrina. They really need our help now.

    I’m glad to see someone is finally addressing the problem of co-ed common rooms.

    I’m interested to see what comes out of these meetings.


    -Encouraging Student

  2. hillnews Says:

    The new idea of the voting proposal is good but it still may not solve all the promblems that come with a vote system.

    Also haven’t we been fighting co-ed common rooms for a while. Just seems like were fighting a fight we can’t win.

    Do you really think they will allow polo shirts to seated meals. It sure would be nice. But doesn’t it seem your wasting your time?

    I really don’t agree with reworking AIM during study hall. Keep it the way it is. Stop messing with stuff that isn’t causing problems.

    -Discouraging Student

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