By:Whitney Gilmore

Teenage driving is an issue that has attracted all sorts of attention. All states have different laws regarding driving permit and license ages. The topic has been brought to the attention of state governments, and many now say the age for permits should be at least 18. There are several angles at which to view this issue.

Teenagers across the country want to drive as possible. In Pennsylvania, teens can receive their permit at age sixteen after passing an electronic test. They then return six months later to take their license test. After receiving a license teens are under law to not be out driving past 11pm. Most teenagers getting their license don’t take into account the laws and drive whenever they can. In this situation, the guardians of the teens are to enforce rules and make sure they are abided by.

Most parents spend a lot of their time driving their kids to sports, school, dances, parties, friend’s houses etc. After earning a license, the children can provide their own transportation. With guardians there is also the issue of trust. Many guardians are reluctant to let their kids get their license because it opens them up to new dangers and possibilities. Again, it is the parents responsibility to enforce the curfews set down by the state while setting their own limits.

According to statistics, most accidents involve teenagers. This fact alone makes state governments want to change the driving age to at least 18. At the website; many facts are provided on teenage driving and accidents. Some of these include: 14% of automobile related deaths involve teenagers, 53% of the time the accidents took place during the weekends, 45% of the time there was a youth passenger in the car, teenagers account for only 7% of all drivers but also account for 14% of automobile deaths and 20% of accidents. All of these statistics raise question about the teenage driving laws, but the scariest fact is that in 2010 there will be 23% more 16-20 year olds on the road than there are today.

If one were to combine all the thoughts of kids, parents and state statistics they might find a resolution. It’s not the age of driving that needs to be changed, but the limits set down by each state. Some ideas include: limiting the number of passengers allowed in the car, adding time restrictions, or extending the permit time. There are many alternatives to raising the driving age.

 Girls In Car


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