Wednesday 4/3/06
V Baseball vs.  4:00
Blair   A
V Boys Lacrosse vs. 3:45
Downingtown East H
V Tennis vs.  4:00  
Blair   A
V Boys Track vs. 3:00
Lawrenceville  A
V. Girls Lacrosse vs 3:45
Hun   A
V Girls Track vs.  3:00
Lawrenceville  A
V Golf vs.  4:00
Blair   A 
V Softball vs.  4:00
William Penn Charter A
3rds Boys Lacrosse vs. 3:30
Upland Country Day A
3rds Boys Tennis vs. 3:45
Abington Friends A
3rds Girls Lacrosse vs. 3:30 
Upland Country Day  A
JV Baseball vs.  3:45
Abington Friends  A
JV Boys Lacrosse 3:45
Downingtown East  H
JV Boys Tennis vs.  3:45
Church Farm School  A
JV Girls Lacrosse vs.  5:00
Hun    A
JV Golf vs.   4:00
Blair    A
JV Softball  3:30
Agnes Irwin   A


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