Coast to Coast

He started out in Korea. Then moved to Jacksonville. Then he ended up here. Byung-Cheon Ko, known to some as “BC” is a fourth-former student at the Hill from Seoul, Korea.

He has traveled the world in an attempt to find a boarding school that would fit his particular needs with a balance of academics and sports; and he has found that here at the Hill. BC began he search for a boarding school at Bolles
School in Jacksonville, Florida for his eight and ninth grade years. He enjoyed the warm weather of
Florida, the great beaches, but after two years he felt he had done all he could and decided to strive higher. He turned to Hill and applies in December, only to be accepted in March, and continue his studies here. Since being here BC has really fit in well with his new football teammates and his hall-mates on Mr. Long’s 3rd East hall. “I really like how students aspire to do their best here, how they also try to do their best in everything.” BC said when asked what was one of the differences between his old school in
Jacksonville and The Hill. If you ask any of his teammates how BC’s energy level affects the team, tri-captain AJ Gray had this to say, “BC heart and will to play hard everything play makes everyone else do better. He isn’t the biggest player on the team but his heart and his attitude make him seem like a giant.” And Keegan Ash, another tri-captain of the football, says, “BC is the freaking man”. When BC is not tackling someone on the football field or cramming numbers in his math class, he enjoys learning new hip-hop songs he picks up in the football locker-room as well as showing off some of his touchdown dances he’s learned of from his old school. His smile and charismatic attitude can always brighter a situation, no matter how bad it seems to be going.  When asked what school he has liked the best so far, BC said “I like Hill the best because of my friends and the community I have been surrounded by.” If you haven’t meet BC yet, maybe you should, just look for someone dancing around, singing “Rain Drops Falling on My Head”, and a great big smile on his face.


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