About HillNews

The Hill News is the student voice of Hill School. This student run newspaper is published weekly by a dedicated staff of student members and faculty advisors. Full of opinions, national and world news, sports updates, this paper is written by, edited by, and designed by the students for the students.

Ian Jannetta
Executive Editor            Layout Editor
Wilson C. Baldwin            Scott Hyun

Max Barth, Doug Bean, Ashley Bradley,
Melody Chang, Hyun Chung, Dan Cohen,
Allie DiRico, Lauren Eline, Jared Greenman,
Christopher Gullo, Kevin Hacke, Janel
Harding, Nadya Humes, Brandon Jacobs,
Sydney Kaiserman, Dana Mariani, Huntley
McGowan, Catriona Miller, Alec Miran,
Samer Muallem, Annie Kate Reeder, Molly
Small, Rhiana Wells, Bianca Young, Anthony
Dutcher, Andrew Gronan, Alexander
Raddock, Max Hsu, Michael McConney,
Abby Skolits, Patty Embert, Taylor Wallace,
Kyle Ralston, Chelsey Foster, Sara Walden

Faculty Adviser         Headmaster

    Harlow C. Ide, III         David R. Dougherty


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